Returns Policy

  You must contact us prior to returning an item. Please note we only refund for defective products, not if tired of playing with item, or item damaged by buyer due to abuse.  Buyer is responsible to return item unless shipped incorrect item, and or damaged in shipping, or not working upon arrival. If item is returned for reasons other than defective product we reserve the right to deduct shipping cost, and restock fee from refund.  We may refund or exchange upon mutual agreement of us seller, and you buyer. We appreciate your honesty in all transactions. We offer a exchange or  refund for DEFECTIVE items.

FINGER SPINNERS CARE:  Sometimes your finger fidget spinner may begin to slow and or make noise, this may be caused by a build-up of dirt, water, grease or other particles within the bearings,  keeping your finger spinner free of any toy pollution will help to prolong its play life. It may be a difficult task but if you would rather mend it then replace it we understand.  You may first attempt to clean the bearings in your finger spinner by soaking it in rubbing alcohol for abut 10 minutes (with a parents supervision). Once soaked thoroughly dry your bearing and give it a spin. If your spinner still isn’t at optimum speed, repeat the process.
Rubbing in a bit of lubricant (WD-40 or even better a water based lubricant) may give that added zing to your finger spinners. However, while lubricants are a good way of speeding up your spinner,  a simple reminder  to be careful which type you use, as the bearing is going to be in contact with your skin often and the type of lubricant can become an irritant. Also use sparingly, and wipe away the excess to avoid rapid dirt build up.

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